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welcome to the celebration of the sea

The "CELEBRATION OF THE SEA FOUNDATION" is a Florida based 501-C3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing engaging, entertaining and educational programs for homes and schools. A particular emphasis is placed on programs for children with cancer and special needs in addition to educational and environmental programs for inner city students. The main focus of the Foundation's primary activities are to raise public awareness, particularly among children, of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and the organisms that inhabit them, and the interactions between them; influencing the ways in which communities perceive them; and encouraging a new order of responsible human behavior towards them. All programs focus on ways in which people can make a positive impact on all aspects of the environment while placing specific emphasis on the world's water systems and providing examples of how all individuals can make a personal difference to improve the world around us.


The Celebration Of The Sea Foundation recognizes many fine efforts are presently underway to address growing environmental challenges throughout the world. Individuals as well as private and public organizations continue to make significant positive steps to address pressing environmental and educational issues. The Foundation's role is to work with these groups and individuals; to call on their expertise; to raise the public's awareness of measures which are having a positive impact on the environment, and to focus attention on what every one of us world-wide can do to improve environmental conditions. The Foundation believes that once exposed to the environment and the mystery and beauty of the undersea world, people, if armed with a better understanding of the world around them, will act responsibly to preserve and protect the oceans and their inhabitants.


  1. To promote a sense of global stewardship towards the environment and the living things that inhabit them.
  2. To produce educational programs and collateral materials for families, teachers and students.
  3. To make the world of science and exploration exciting and interesting to both children and adults.
  4. To utilize interactive technology and outreach programs to motivate everyone to want to learn about the environment and protect the animals that inhabit it.


  1. To emphasize ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY in the production of the following - all of which promote the theme of community (how all aspects of the environment, including human activity, are intricately related) and all of which strive to motivate people, particularly children, to improve current environmental conditions through concerts, film festivals and special events.
  2. Live and recorded music and television programming for networks, cable stations, public television as well as web based and direct interactive broadcasts into homes and school systems.
  3. Traveling exhibits to be showcased at high profile public forums, leading aquariums, maritime centers, museums and entertainment facilities.
  4. Learning programs and ancillary support materials for classrooms and families.
  5. Field expeditions (in-reach/out-reach programs) for schools, individuals and families. (Many expeditions have a diving/snorkeling and exploration component).


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